Elizabethan Government

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  • Elizabethan Government
    • Court
      • KEY FEATURES: Body of people who lived near or in the same palace as monarch, made of members of nobility and attending court required monarch's permission
      • ROLE: To entertain and advise monarch, public display of wealth and power and had influence with monarch rather than actual power
    • Privy Council
      • KEY FEATURES: Made of leading courtiers advisers, nobles and senior government officials, approx. 19 member chosen by monarch and meetings 3x a week with the monarch
      • ROLE: Debate current issues and advise monarch on government policy, make sure monarch's final decisions carried out, oversaw law and order , local government and security of England, monitored JPs and monitored government actions
    • Parliament
      • KEY FEATURES: Made of  House of Lords and House of Commons, could only be called and dismissed by monarch, elections held before each new parliament but very few could vote and was called only 10x during Elizabeth's reign
      • ROLE: Grant extraordinary taxes, passed laws (Acts of Parliament) and offered advice to monarch
    • Lord Lieutenant
      • KEY FEATURES: Each county had one chosen by monarch, made of members of nobility and often on the Privy Council and were essential to maintaining monarch's power and Engnland's defences
      • ROLE: In charge of raising and training local militia and overseeing county defences, oversaw enforcement of policies and part of local government
    • Justices of Peace (JPs)
      • KEY FEATURES: Large landowners who kept law and orderin their local areas, were unpaid and reported to Privy Council and was a position of status so a popular job
      • ROLE: To make sure all social and economical policies were carried out, heard county court cases 3x a month for more serios cases and part of local government


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