Propaganda posters and censorship

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  • The role of Propaganda posters and censorship.
    • Propaganda posters
      • needed the support of the British people during the war.
      • To convince people to act and think in a particular way.
      • To appeal to people's sense of patriotism.
      • To educate people on key  issues during the war.
    • Censorship
      • oversea's mail and letters going abroad.
        • sensitive material was blanked out or returned to sender.
      • Soildier's letters sent home to make sure that military secrets were not individually given away.
      • Telephone calls.
        • Even King George and Winston Churchill faced this restriction.
      • Items of news if the Ministry of Information  thought it would damage moral.
      • Photographs  if they felt to be too depressing and would of reduced enthusiasm for the war effort.


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