Shadow of a Gunman / Sean O'Casey and Context

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  • Sean O'Casey
    • Who
      • An Irish playwright born 1880, died 1964
      • Controversial writing
        • Often received bad press due to either 'sexual' or political thoughts
      • His goal was to express the vitality of life through the actions and dialogue of his characters
      • Shadow of a Gunman was O'Caseys first play to be accepted by the Abbey Theatre
      • The first Irish playwright to write about the Irish working class
    • Women
      • The play represents the cowardice of the men as opposed to the fortitude and bravery of the women (especially Minnie Powell)
        • This is due to his personal life - he was bought up by his mother alone
    • The Abbey Theatre
      • "National Theatre of Ireland"
      • Opened in 1904
      • Shadow of a Gunman was first performed in 1923
    • Dates
      • 1916
        • The Easter Rising
          • Followers of the Irish Republican brotherhood and citizens of Ireland were attacked
      • 1920
        • Auxiliaries
          • 1900 men were recruited but were ill trained and known for their drunk brutality
      • early 1921
        • More than 700 people were killed - 75% were Black and Tans or the RIC
      • late 1921
        • Peace was finally made as Ireland accepted the British proposal of the 'Irish Free State'
    • Genre
      • Tragi-Comedy
        • The tragedy is masked by the comedy until the ending
      • Naturalistic
      • Set in 1920, Dublin
    • His Quotes
      • "Every character, every life (has) something to say, comic or serious, and to say it well (is) not an easy thing to do."
      • "The first thing I try to do is make a play live: live as a part of life, and life in its own right is a work of drama."


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