islam and medical ethics

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1. What does viability mean

  • when the baby could survive out of the womb
  • when the baby breaths for the first time
  • when the baby has a heart beat
  • when the baby has brain activity
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2. Why might someone use genetic engeniring to have children

  • to prevent genetic desise
  • to creat specific characteristics and features
  • to mould in their own image

3. What are concerns surrounding changing the gene line

  • We dont know what will hapern
  • we know everythign about it
  • not enough genes are being spliced
  • we need to experiment with this

4. What does pro life mean

  • for the choice of abortion
  • against abortion
  • undecided view
  • for abortion

5. What is the benefit of the sickle cell gene

  • makes you see stars
  • gievs you immunity to pain
  • immunity to maleria
  • painful


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