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Quotes for Muslim and
Christian Attitudes.
Unit 8.…read more

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· Situation Ethics
· Golden Rule
· Human Rights
· `From one human being he created all the races on earth' ~
· Sheep and the Goats Parable
· Cain and Abel
· Playing God ­ a sin!…read more

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Environment and Medical Issues ~
· Stewardship
· God's creation
· Playing God ~ a sin!
· Children are a gift from God
· Situation Ethics
· The Golden Rule
· Sanctity of life.…read more

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Environment and Medical Issues ~
· Khalifa ~ Adam was the 1st
· Infertility Treatment (AIH = okay! , AID = NO!, IVF with no third
party = GOOD! , Surrogacy = NO )
· Every woman has the right to be a mother
· Muhammad was an orphan
· The Twhid unity
· On the last day Allah will resurrect us bodily = NO transplants.
· Donors are okay as long as no one's life is at risk.…read more

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Peace and Conflict ~ Christian
· A just war ~ CILJAP Chance of success,
Intentions are good,
· `Turn the other cheek' Last resort,
Just cause,
· `Love thy neighbour' Authority must decide,
Proportionality ­ don't kill civili
· `Our father' ~ `forgive us our
trespasses as we forgive
those who trespass against
· Jesus told Peter to forgive
77 times.…read more

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Peace and Conflict ~ Islam
· Mohammad fought in wars
· A holy war (a just war)
· If you fight in a holy war you will go straight to paradise
· Greater and lesser jihad
· `Allah will not show mercy to those who don't show mercy
to others' ~ Qu'ran
· `Show forgiveness speak for justice' ~ Qu'ran…read more

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