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Muslim's sources of authority

  • Previous literature revealing God before the Qur'an (Gospels/Torah)
  • Sharia Law ¬
  • Sunnah & Hadith of the Prophet (Muhammad)
  • The Qur'an
  • Immams (Shia Muslims)

Shia Muslims believe that the Qur'an can be added to.

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Sharia Law

  • The law Muslims follow on how to behave in the modern world (eg medical ethics) in accordance with Islam

Sharia Law was developed as the Qur'an is sometimes hard to interpret & some issues are not covered.

Muslim scholars who develop Sharia Law may look to other sources of wisdom:

  • Sunna of the Prophet - what Muhammad did
  • Hadith of the Prophet - what Muhammad said

Muslims find following the life of Muhammad important because he was the Seal of the Prophets & was chosen by Allah to write the Qur'an.

However, Sunna & Hadith are sometimes contradictory as they don't cover all areas of behaviour, only those applicable to Muhammad.

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