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1. what elements of design should be considered of software?

  • Helps screens should be written simply.
  • Ensure the order of material is logical and important items come first Ensure all software is thoroughly tested so does not crash Software tested by users so any frustrating user identified problems can be eliminated. Try to minimise the mouse move
  • movement need to make selections so saves time and reduces RSI. – e.g. use dropdown boxes Keep consistency from one screen to next, which make software easier to learn Put items (buttons, menus) on the screen where users would expect them
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2. 3 ways which cause Backache

  • Sitting incorrect posture/ slouching/ sitting awkwardly at a desk
  • sitting for a long period

3. Software designers can make software less stressful to use by ensuring? (8)

  • Software is bug free and does not cause the computer to freeze or crash, sometimes loses work. Font and font sizes are chosen carefully to make text easier to red. Information is displayed in a logical order on screen
  • Software intuitive- behaves in a way users would expect it to behave Helps screens tell the users what to do in a way they undermines and not leave more frustrated Methods which minimise the amount a user has to key in or click should be used in or
  • click should be used in order to reduce RSI. Any music and animation can be switched off or skipped Shortcuts should be used wherever possible to minimise mouse clicks.


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