Inequalities relating to gender

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1. What did Seager find?

  • Men had very little leisure time
  • Women spent more time on domestic work and had less leisure time than men
  • Women were often in full-time employment and worked long hours
  • Men were often in part-time employment and had lots of free time
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2. What did Seager study?

  • Men in top CEO positions
  • How both genders spent their free time
  • Both gender's time usage in terms of work and leisure time
  • Women's jobs

3. What is the glass ceiling?

  • Only a few women can achieve managerial positions
  • Women are at the bottom of the hierarchy
  • Women can reach a certain position but can't break through to top jobs
  • Women are stuck in domestic jobs

4. What is the % of girls getting A*-C in their GCSEs compared to boys?

  • 73% for girls and 64% for boys
  • 92% for girls and 85% for boys
  • 48% for girls and 65% for boys
  • 87% for girls and 51% for boys

5. What is more likely to happen for boys?

  • Being better at English than maths
  • Truanting or being excluded
  • Getting 10 A*-C GCSE grades
  • Being ignored in the classroom


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