Gender Inequality Studies

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Areas of Social Inequality Evidence


Glass ceiling - used to describe how women can reach certain position but find it difficult to break through the top jobs

Women are more likely to be employed in the areas of health, education and welfare - traditionally not the nighest paid occupational areas.


Seager (1997) times diaries as a way of researching number of hours men and women used per weekly on different tasks home and work related, women spent more time each week on paid work, Men had more leisure and rest time than women.


maths, physics and ICT male dominated whereas English, modern languages and biology are more female dominated

Studies suggest girls have harder time in classrooms than boys, they receive less attention from teacher than boys as they dominate both in the classroom and outside

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Theories of Gender Inequality

Liberal Feminist

Freidan (1963) Gender inequality is a product of general inequality in society which has been allowed to proceed unchallenged for centuries

Marxist Feminist

Benston (1972) Focused on the economic aspect of gender inequality, reserve army of labour, women are used to benefit the operation of the capitalist economy

Radical Feminist

Walkby (1990) suggests patriarchy is not a universal term which is true in one form at all times on all places

Firestone (1971) source of patriarchy lies in biological differences between men and women, women's ability to give birth resulting in patriarchal dominance

Millet (1971) disagreed with this biological argument and argued that patriarchy was not ascribed but socially created and therefore capable of being challenged and deconstructed

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