Sociology Education: Topic One

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  • Sociology Education: Topic One
    • Functionalist
      • Socialisation
      • Role Allocation
      • Skills Provision
      • Ignores Inequality
      • Can't apply to Multi-Cultural societies
      • Ignores Non-Conformist Behaviours
    • Marxism
      • Reproduces Class Inequality
      • Values the Middle Class Culture
      • Myth of Meritocracy
      • Ideological State Apparatus
      • Reproduces Class relations of Capitalism
      • Ignores inequalities of Gender or Ethnicity
      • Ignores teachers independence
      • Doesn't Correspond anymore as the workplace requires teamwork
      • Some subjects encourages critical thinking
    • Social Democractic
      • want to see more equality in the education system
      • provide extra support for disadvantaged pupils
      • expand higher education opportunities
      • introduce more comprehensive schools
      • hasn't closed the attainment gap
      • Ignores Gender inequality
      • Greater equality leads to high standard being undermined and brightest students not reaching their potential
    • New Right
      • Encourages competition in school
      • State education is a drain of states resources
      • Private education has better resources and standards as it has to please parents
      • Education to be run as a business
      • Strongly opposed by Marxists and Social Democrat's who see education as the only way to provide W/C opportunities
    • Post-Modernism
      • Education includes choices and diveristy
      • There is not one curriculum used by all
      • Learners can pick and mix there education to suit  their lifestyles
      • blurring of boundaries between leisure, education and work
      • Exaggerates changes in education
      • Education isn't shaped by the needs of individuals but is influenced by powerful institutions


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