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2. What is the main way of industry growth?

  • TNCs being set up in India
  • TNCs relocating to India
  • TNCs relocating to India and local firms supplying TNCs
  • Local firms supplying TNCs

3. How does India's FDI vary to that of other NIC's investment?

  • TNCs give the investment.
  • There is a broad spread of companies investing rather than a select few.
  • It is focussed on the service sector rather than the manufacturing sector
  • The government choose which firms are allowed to invest.

4. Why are TNCs outsourcing to Indian IT companies?

  • To embrace globalisation
  • Significantly cheaper
  • Streamiling the business
  • One less function for the business to worry about

5. Since 1997 how much has the economy grown each year in India?

  • 17%
  • 7%
  • 10%
  • 20%


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