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2. What is the main way of industry growth?

  • TNCs being set up in India
  • TNCs relocating to India and local firms supplying TNCs
  • Local firms supplying TNCs
  • TNCs relocating to India

3. When was Infosys set up?

  • 1979 in Banaglore
  • 1981 in Banaglore
  • 1991 in Banaglore
  • 1989 in Banaglore

4. What was the average salaries in 2003 for a call centre employee?

  • UK;16,500 India;1000
  • UK;12,000 India;800
  • UK;12,500 India;1200
  • UK;21,500 India;2100

5. Why does India have the second largest english speaking resource?

  • It was once a colony of Britain, and so has strong links with the english language.
  • Globalisation has lead to the language being spread across the globe.
  • The population are very committed, and so have learnt the language
  • School is considered very important and english is taught with upmost importance


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