History - The Cold War

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1. What action taken in April 1962 increased tensions already running high as a result of the failure of the Vienna Summit and the building of the Berlin Wall?

  • America placed nuclear missiles in Turkey.
  • Khrushchev and Nixon had a public argument - "the Kitchen debate" - during a visit to a US Trade Fair.
  • The Americans would not let Khrushchev visit Disneyland during a visit to Los Angeles.
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2. Why Khrushchev demanded the withdrawal of American troops from Berlin in 1958?

  • It made Capitalist look bad
  • Khrushchev wanted to control all of Berlin
  • Everyone was staying in East Germany

3. Who was the American-backed dictator of Cuba before Castro's successful revolution in 1959?

  • Colonel Batista
  • Che Guevara
  • Colonel Sanders

4. Who took over from Rakosi on 24 October 1956?

  • Najy
  • Nagy
  • Nodge

5. What was Castro's reaction to the invasion of April 1961?

  • He asked Khrushchev to visit Cuba.
  • He asked Khrushchev to defend Cuba.
  • He asked Khrushchev to leave Cuba.


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