Causes of the cold war

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  • Causes of the Cold War (BARE)
    • Beliefs
      • The USA was a capitalist democracy  country who valued freedom
      • The USSR was a communist country ruled by a dictator who put the needs of the state ahead of those of the people
        • Both countries believed that the alternative ideology was a threat to their own way of life and must be eliminated
          • The USA was a capitalist democracy  country who valued freedom
    • Aims - The USSR wanted very different things from the other powers
      • Stalin wanted to take as much as he could from Germany in reparations, and acquire a buffer of friendly states
      • Britain and the USA wanted to help Germany recover and stop the spread of communism
    • Resentment about history
      • USSR did not trust Britain and the USA - They had tried to destroy the Russian revolution in 1918 and Stalin thought they had not helped the USSR enough in WW2
      • The USA and Britain didn't trust Stalin because he signed the Nazi/Soviet Pact in 1939
    • Events turned the mistrust to war
      • The Yalta and Potsdam conferences
      • Salami tactics/spread of communism
      • Fulton
      • Greece
      • Truman doctrine and the marshall plan
      • Cominform
      • Czechoslovakia


Miss E

Great idea for a mind map using the acronym BARE that many students will be familiar with and colour coding to show USA and USSR actions. You could add more detail to it to make it even better.

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