History- The Cold War 3

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  • History- The Cold War 3
    • Korean War
    • Invasion!
      • Korea was divided at the line called the "38th Parallel"
      • By Sept 1950 communist north was about to defeat the south
    • US takes Action
      • US persuaded UN to send an army to protect S. Korea
      • The army joined the S. Korean forces and pushed N. Korea back to the 38th Parallel
      • But US General MacArthur went further, and invaded N. Korea
    • China takes Action
      • China joins N. Korean forces because UN troops are near their border pushing back N. Korea
      • USSR helps Chinese/N. Korean forces by supplying weapons
      • They push UN troops back into S. Korea. MacArthur wanted to use Nuclear weapons but President Truman refused and then sacked him
    • Stalemate/End of the War
      • By 1953 a stalemate was reached, with the Communists back in N. Korea and the anti-Communists back in the South
      • In July 1953, a cease-fire was declared
      • March 1953 Stalin dies
    • Arms Race
      • 1945 - 1949 the US was the only country in the world that had Atomic weapons
      • 1949- the USSR successfully tested its first A bomb
      • 1953- the USSR detonated its first H-Bomb
      • 1952- the US detonated its first Hydrogen Bomb
  • 1952- the US detonated its first Hydrogen Bomb




Your Brainstorms/Mind-maps are amazing, a perfect way to sum up the events of the Cold War. These will help me with my revision a great deal, Thanks!

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