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2. What Happened First?

  • The Emergency Decree
  • The Reichstag Fire
  • The Death of president Hindenburg
  • The Enabling Act

3. What was the 25-point-programme?

  • Improvement of Germany
  • A new set of laws made by Hitler
  • The killing of the people who didn't have blond hair and blue eyes
  • The killing of the Jews

4. Why did Hitler's personality help him gain power?

  • He seemed energetic and passionate, so people believed him
  • It made him sound bossy
  • It made him sound powerful
  • He seemed sympathetic, so people liked him

5. How did propaganda help Hitler gain power?

  • The Nazis made the propaganda
  • It gained support quickly
  • Lots of people bought newspapers and heard the radio, so the message spread
  • Josef Goebbels was in charge


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