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Anglo-Saxons (date)
410-1066 AD
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The vikings (date)
793-1066 AD
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Norman Conquest (date)
1066-1071 AD
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William the Conqueror's reign of England (date)
1066-1087 AD
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Henry II's reign of England (date)
1154-1189 AD
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King John (date)
1199-1216 AD
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Magna Carta (date)
1215 AD
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Anglo-saxons religious conversion
pagan -> christianity (st. Augustine)
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Key kingdoms established by the anglo-saxons
Kent, Wessex, Mercia, Northumbria
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Society hierarchy of the anglo-saxons
Kings, Earls, Thegns, Ceorls, Slaves
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Viking origin
Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)
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Viking language
Old Norse
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Viking religion
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Vikings coming to Britain
-Raid rich monasteries and towns
-To settle and farm the fertile land
-To establish trade routes
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Vikings decline
-Battle of Stamford Bridge (1066 AD)
-Anglo Saxon improvement of defences
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Norman religious conversion
pagan -> christianity
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Norman language
later adopted French
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Feudal system
Kings, nobility, knights, peasants
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Witan's choice of Harold Godwinson
they believed that Harold was the best person to defend against outside threats
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Norman victory at the battle of Hastings
-William’s strong leadership
-William's well equipped forces
-Harolds army tired from battle of Stamford Bridge
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William claiming the throne
-Defeated the Normans in the battle of Hastings
-Built strategic castles to establish dominance
-Became the first Norman king of England
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William controlling England
-The feudal system
-Crushed rebellions
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Motte and Bailey castles purpose
designed by the Normans to intimidate the conquered Anglo-Saxons
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Motte and Bailey castles construction
could be built very quickly until the Normans had the time to build more permanent stone structures
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793-1066 AD


The vikings (date)

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1066-1071 AD


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1066-1087 AD


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