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What Happened First?
The Reichstag Fire
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What happened second
The Emergency decree
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What happened third?
The Enabling Act
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What happened fourth?
Banning of all other political parties
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What happened last?
The Death of president hindenburg
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Why did Hitler's personality help him gain power?
He seemed energetic and passionate, so people believed him
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How did propaganda help Hitler gain power?
Lots of people bought newspapers and heard the radio, so the message spread
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Why was the Munich Putsch a disaster?
16 Nazis were shot dead, Hitler was arrested for high treason, The police and army were waiting for Hitler and the Nazis.
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What was the wall street crash?
America's economy collapsed and unemployment rose to 6 million.
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What was the 25-point-programme?
A new set of laws made by Hitler
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What happened in The Reichstag Fire
Van Der Lubbe and 4 other communist were arrested with arson and attempting to overthrow the government.
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What happened second


The Emergency decree

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What happened third?


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What happened fourth?


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What happened last?


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