History Revision (1933-1939)

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Reichstag Fire
A fire started by a communist that destroyed the Reichstag building. Hitler soon used this to persuade the public that communism was bad for Germany.
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Enabling Act
An act set by the Nazis to destroy the Reichstag. The full name was The Law For The Removal Of The Distress Of The People And Reich.
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Purpose of the Enabling Act:
The Reich cabinet could pass laws, the laws could overrule the Weimar Constitution, These Laws we’re proposed by Hitler.
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Geheime Staatsopolizei/State Secret Police
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Goebbels Propoganda Control:
Cultural activities (Arts, music, museum etc.), Radio, Newspapers, Celebration and Film.
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Youth Opposition Groups:
Edelweiss Pirates and The Swing Youth
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Church opposition:
The Pastor’s Emergency League (PEL) And The Confessing Church.
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Physical Education:
Trained young boys into becoming future soldiers and trained young girls so they Would be fit to be mother’s.
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Taught about the rise of Nazi Party, The injustices of the Treaty Of Versailles and The evils of communism and Judaism.
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Biology (Race Studies):
Taught students about race and population control. Also taught to avoid those of a non aryian race.
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German (English):
Taught Nationalistic teachings, German heroes and analyse Hitler’s speeches.
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Taught about what land was taken from them by the Nazis and how they need to create Lebensraum.
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Religious Studies:
Subject that could be dropped after 1937
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Taught domestic science (homecare) And eugenics (How to produce perfect off-spring.)
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Women (Work):
Not expected to work until 1937 due to conscription.
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Women (Looks):
Blonde hair, blue eyes, no makeup and flat shoes.
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Women (Cooking)
Lead a domestic life and learnt to cook one pot meals.
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Women (Clothing):
Wore clothes produced from synthetic materials and learnt how to mend men’s clothing.
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Women (Behaviour):
No smoking, no promiscuity
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Women (Family):
Have as many children as possible to bring up the ideology.
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6-10 years old (Boys)
Pimpfe (Little Fellows)
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10-14 year olds (Boys):
Deutschland Jung Volk (German Young People)
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14-18 year olds (Boys):
Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth)
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10-14 year olds (Girls):
Jung madel (Young Maidens)
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14-21 year olds (Girls):
Bund Deutschland Mädel (League Of German Maidens)
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Living Standards
Quality of people’s lives
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Nazi’s threatened to invade Slav countries and we’re told to be Untermenschen.
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Arrested as social nuisances, forced into special camps with no electricity, were banned from travelling in groups
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Imprisoned 5,000 homosexuals by 1938, incouraged voluntary castrations.
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The Nazis passed The Law for the prevention of hereditarily diseased off-spring, Nazis ordered the death of babies with mental or physical disabilities.
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Reich Arbeits Diehst
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Labour service
Provided workers for public works such as planting trees and repairing roads. Compulsory for serving here for at least six months.
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Planned 700 mile duel carriage way to improve transport.
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Invisible employment
Part time jobs rounded as full time jobs.
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Young encryptions to force young men into the military.
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An act set by the Nazis to destroy the Reichstag. The full name was The Law For The Removal Of The Distress Of The People And Reich.

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Purpose of the Enabling Act:


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