History Revision Guide - The USA 1929-2000

For use with the WJEC Route A Unit 3 (The Development of the USA) exam.

  • Key dates accompanied by visual timeline
  • PESC Framework highlight

Produced for A4 Printing (Colour and B&W compatible)

Note - The guide only supports the Changing America and Black Rights units, there is no detail on the American Foreign Policy unit.

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History Revision Guide
Important Dates and Notes
Route A UNIT 3 ­ WJEC
The Development of the USA, 1929-2000…read more

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History Timeline (1929-1950)
"The Beer Act" 1945 Continued until 1950
End of Prohibition The Red
1929 Scare
The Wall
Start of the
Second World
1931 1935
The Second New Deal 1941
The Scottsboro
trials The Lend-Lease
1929 1949
1932 1933
The New Deal
Relief Act
The Dustbowl 1941
In Oklahoma, Colorado, American involvement
New Mexico and Kansas. In the war
Pearl Harbour Bombing
Herbert Hoover
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat) Harry S. Truman…read more

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History Timeline (1950-2000)
1950 1963
March on 1992
Joseph McCarthy (Republican
Washington Race Riots in
Senator) threatened to expose
Los Angeles, Atlanta,
205 communists in the
Birmingham, Seattle
state department 1965 And Chicago
1962 Voting Rights
1954 The James Act
Meredith Case
Brown v. Topeka
Board of Education 1968
The Watergate
1961 Scandal
Freedom Rides
1950 2000
Little Rock, Arkansas
1964 1987
1954 MLK's Nobel Stock Market
McCarthy accused 45 Peace Prize Crash (worst since
Army officers of being 1929).
Communist agents. 1964
He couldn't reproduce Civil Rights Act
Dwight D. Richard Gerald Ronald George H
Eisenhower Nixon Ford Reagan Bush Snr
John F. Lyndon B. Jimmy Bill
Kennedy Johnson Carter Clinton…read more

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Remember to explore...
P olitical E conomic
What changed in the law? What changes occurred in the economy?
What key decisions were made? How did this affect society?
S ocial C ultural
Did different areas of society benefit How did this affect how people acted?
more than others? Did it affect what people did?
Were the attitudes towards different
people changing?…read more


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