God's Omnipotennce

Definition 1 - God can do anything including what might seem impossible e.g. change laws of physics
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Definition One
God's ability to do anything
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Criticism of Descartes
Definition 1 - Mackie - (Sophia) the idea of logically impossible actions is 'only a form of words which fails to describe any state affairs'
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Criticism of Mackie
By saying that God can do the impossible, this means that everythings possible. Flaw - impossible for us to understand Him, becomes inaccessible. No understanding of the laws of nature..
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Definition 2
God can do anything logically possible, works within the laws He has created
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Criticism of definiton 2
clashes with the classic theistic God; can he lie? steal? We understand Him less if he acts out of his nature.
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Definition 3
He can only do things in accordance to his nature, humans cant climb to the top of Mount Everest but God can, it is not possible for him to make a rock so large he can not carry it
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Definition 2 - (Summa Theologica) god is omnipotent because his power is infinite, not limited. God must be eternal and have no physical existence. God can not climb a tree as he doesn't have a body.
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Supports Aquinas
Anselm - sin involves a lack of control over ones actions. Sinning would indicate that God lacks control over his powers
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Criticism of Decartes 2
Geach - Definition of omnipotence relies on the acceptance of a certain view of God's nautre being perfect. Better understood as a statement concerning the power of God.
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A being worthy of worship is a being of power
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Luke's Gospel
Mary is told by an angel that her cousin, Elizabeth, is going to have a son although she has passed her child bearing years. 'For nothing is impossible with God'
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Matthew 19
Jesus talks about going to Heaven and says 'With man this is impossible, but with God ll things are possible'
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Job 42
Job says to God 'I know you can do all things'
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Criticism of Bible versus
MacQuarrie - Christians need to remember that they are using an analogy, God limits himself because he loves us
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Criticism of Bible versus 2
Vardy- omnipotence is much limited than Christians believe. God limits his powers because of his creation, if he was different the world would not be able to exist the way it does. 'God is limited by the universe he chose to crezte'
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God's ability to do anything

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Criticism of Descartes


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