criticisms of the nature of God for philosophy of religion at a2 with OCR

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Criticisms of God's nature
Can God make a rock too heavy for God to lift?
This is a criticism of God's omnipotence as, if He is all-powerful, He is capable of creating anything,
but His omnipotence would also make him capable of lifting anything.
Can God square a circle?
God, as creator, made the square and circle. Therefore, it would not be possible as God created the
square to have four corners, and the circle to have none. However, God should be able to do
anything due to His omnipotence, making it a criticism of God's nature.
If God is omniscient, doesn't He already know you'll steal that mars bar?
This is a criticism of God giving us free will. However, this can be resolved if it is said that God's
omniscience only applies to the presence as opposed to Him having foreknowledge or causing
Can God sin?
God's perfection, infallibility and goodness would suggest He can't. However, if it is not possible for
God to sin, then arguably He is not omnipotent. Yet, similarly, if it is possible for God to sin, then He is
not Omni-benevolent.


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