Via Negativa

A summary of Via Negativa

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Via Negativa

  • You can only ever talk about God in a negative way. God is transcendent so you cannot say what God is however you can say what he is not: God is good and by this statement we mean God is not evil.
  • Maimondes developed Plontinus idea in the 4th century.
  • Maimondes rejected all language and all attempts at understanding which portrayed God in any anthropomorphic sense.
  • He rejected phrases that attempted to apply human understanding of things such as love which is restricted by time and space, to a God who is beyond these restrictions.
  • He pointed out that humans can know that God exists but not know anything about God because God is not a human.
  • Maimondes suggested that this way of talking about God is found in the Jewish scripture, where God is described as 'I am who i am': He is beyond description.
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