Genes and health- snab as level revision.

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1. What are epithelial cells?

  • one or more layers of cells sitting in a basement membrane, made of protein fibres.
  • parts of lungs
  • cells made from helium
  • hair-like structures
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2. Which transport across a membrane needs energy and moves up a concentration gradient?

  • Diffusion
  • Active transport
  • Osmosis

3. What is a phospholipid bilayer?

  • movement of oxygen across the wall of an alveolus
  • the active site of an enzyme
  • all the molecules being arranged so that the hydrophobic tails are inside the bilayer
  • a layer of proteins

4. is facilitated diffusion passive?

  • i don't know
  • yes
  • no

5. How is surface area to volume ratio calculated?

  • by dividing an organism's total surface area by its volume
  • by adding the total surface area to volume
  • by calculating the volume
  • by calculating the total surface area


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