GCSE Philosophy Religion and Science

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1. The scientific argument to explain the beginning of the Universe

  • The Big Bang
  • The Steady State Theory
  • The 'first cause' argument
  • Evolution
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2. Which key term means to 'look after the Earth?'

  • Stewardship
  • Inherited responsibility
  • Dominion
  • Ensouled

3. Christians believe humans have ________ but animals do not.

  • A soul
  • God's love
  • A body
  • Emotions

4. Some Christians believe in the Big Bang because ...

  • They believe God was the first cause and he is responsible
  • There is no other scientific alternative
  • It explains how God was created
  • They believe God created the Earth in 7 days

5. Fundamentalists (literalists) believe ....

  • Evolution is explains 'how' the Earth was created, religion gives the 'why'
  • Every word in the Bible is literal truth so evolution is wrong
  • A day in the Bible is not a 24 hour period but a period of time
  • Evolution is driven by God


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