1. Why is the revelation of the Quran to Muhammad so important for Muslims?

  • Because Islam was founded due to this
  • Because the was the first ever prophet in Islam
  • It proves that the Quran is the exact speech of Allah, and he became the final prophet beacause he received this message
  • It shows he was considered very holy
  • Because it wards off eveil
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2. When is the 'Asr' prayer read?

  • Dawn- before sunrise
  • The late part of the afternoon
  • Midday
  • Between sunset and midnight
  • Dusk

3. What are the 3 duties of a Muslim?

  • Helping people, receiving presents on Christmas and running 15 kilometres everyday
  • Fasting, praying and being kind to others
  • Da`wah, Jihad and encouraging the good and forbidding the bad
  • Getting married, celebrating Eid, and giving Zakat to charity
  • Reading Quran, eating a halal diet, and exercising

4. What does the term 'Khalifah' mean?

  • Custodian or steward of the world for Allah
  • Pious women
  • The righteous leaders
  • Non-Muslims
  • Protectors of Paradise
  • Ghosts
  • Jinns

5. Who does the 'Zabur' belong to?

  • Allah
  • Abdullah
  • Prophet Musa
  • Prophet Dawud
  • Angel Israfil
  • Prophet Suleiman
  • Prophet Isa/Esa





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