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1. Why is the revelation of the Quran to Muhammad so important for Muslims?

  • It proves that the Quran is the exact speech of Allah, and he became the final prophet beacause he received this message
  • It shows he was considered very holy
  • Because it wards off eveil
  • Because Islam was founded due to this
  • Because the was the first ever prophet in Islam
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2. How does the 'life cycle' of a Muslim go?

  • Judgement~Barzakh~Resurrection~Death= (Heaven or Hell)
  • Hell~Life on Earth~Barzakh~Judgement= (Heaven or Hell)
  • Life on Earth~Death~Barzakh~Judgement= (Heaven or Hell)
  • Death~Judgement~Pardadise~Life on Earth= (Heaven or Hell)
  • Barzakh~Jahannum~Akhirah~Death= (Heaven or Hell)

3. What is risalah?

  • Muslim beliefs about the 5 pillars of Islam
  • Muslim beliefs about the Quran
  • Muslim beliefs about the prophets of Allah
  • Muslim beliefs about Homosexuality

4. What does the term 'Khalifah' mean?

  • The righteous leaders
  • Ghosts
  • Custodian or steward of the world for Allah
  • Jinns
  • Protectors of Paradise
  • Non-Muslims
  • Pious women

5. Why is the belief in the mercy and compassion of Allah important for Muslims?

  • Because they may become poor and suffer from evil
  • Because this means that Allah will always lead them astray
  • Because they have to prove they are good Muslims
  • Because it shows that they have no belief in Shirk
  • Because it strengthens their love for Allah and it gives Muslims the courage that it is worth striving to live a good life
  • Because they may get punished severely from the prophet Muhammad
  • It shows that without this belief, Muslims would feel hopeless, and that they may convert to Christianity





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