Evil and Suffering

4 Theistic Problems of Evil
theological, philosophical, diverse, challenging
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Theological Problem
challenges the nature of God
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Philosophical Problem
necessary to accept conflicting claims
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Diverse Problem
different forms of evil require different explanations
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Challenging Problems
existence of evil is an objective reality
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Monist approach to evil
evil is an illusion, we cannot see full picture
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Atheist Approach to evil
no God because God must be all-loving
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God is not responsible, Karma is (illusion)
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Evil is real but is a test of faith
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earth is a battlefield of good vs. evil
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The Inconsistent Triad definition
the conjunction of any two entails the negation of the third
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The Inconsistent Triad - Omnipotence, omnibenevolence vs. omniscience
God created the world (Omnipotent) and must be responsible, omniscient so knows that we suffer, omnibenevolent so must want to end our suffering
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The Inconsistent Triad - Nature of God
God is morally imperfect, God is not omnipotent, God is not all-loving
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Purpose of Evil
Evil is a punishment, evil is a test, evil is inevitable, evil allows God's love to be displayed
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Theodicy Qualification
1. does not rewrite classic theistic behaviours of God, 2. Must not cause lack of faith, 3. Must not deny existence of evil, 4. Must provide convincing reasons to why God permits evil
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Augustinian Theodicy - Key Phrases of Premises
Ex nihilo, privation boni, downward theodicy, free will, original sin, seminally present, God is just, Jesus Christ
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Augustinian Theodicy - Criticisms
Schleiermacher (illogical), logical error, moral error, scientific error
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Evil exists and cannot bring itself into existence
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Logical Error
Humanity must have the knowledge of evil to be able to disobey God
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Moral Error
God must have created Hell in preparations (all-loving?)
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Scientific Error
Downward Theodicy vs. Evolution
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The Process Theodicy - Key Phrases of Premises
panentheistic view, not omnipotent, began evolution, dipolar, suffers with us, continuous process, persuasion and lure
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The Process Theodicy - Criticisms
goes against theodicy rules, omniscience?, morally acceptable?, worth worship?, no comfort for those who suffer, no promise of heaven
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challenges the nature of God

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Philosophical Problem


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Diverse Problem


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Challenging Problems


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