Evil and Suffering

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Key Facts

If evil exists then God does not, as a result natural and moral evil exists

Problem of evil is fatal to theism

God gave us free will

Due to this evil and suffering exists

Free will does give us the choice to do great goods

It does not explain the years of suffering

Hick: Bad experiences makes us stronger , we can learn as well as improve through suffering

Charity does not mean suffering will end, it still exists in some places

God works in mysterious ways, so we can try and understand God

Evil God: omniscient, omnipotent and omni-manivalent

If gratuitous evil exists, God does not

Gratuitous good- good lacking  any evil justification

There is abundant of evidence there is no evil God

If there was no free will- we would not be morally responsible of our actions- moral evil would not exist

Love allows greater suffering

The laws that produce natural beauty are necessary for great evil 

Augustinian Theodicy

Believes that God allows evil for his greater plan of love

The Bible


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