solutions to the problem of evil

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  • Solutions to the problem of evil
    • Suffering may be a test of faith
      • E.g. Job from the Bible
      • Maybe difficult to except
    • Bad helps us to appreciate the good
      • Is it really only though suffering that we can appreciate the good things?
    • God's plan
      • He has a plan for evil and suffering that we do not understand
      • It is not our place to question why we suffer
    • Suffering helps us to be stronger
      • Pain helps us to deal with future trials
      • Suffering caries between people
    • God cannot remove evil from the world
      • He gave humans freewill and he cannot interfere in this
      • But god is meant to be all loving and all powerful?
    • Suffering depends on interpretation
      • Suffering may not be negative E.g. A persons death could cause comfort, when a lion eats a lamb, the lamb suffers but the lion benefits


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