The inconsistent triad

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  • The Inconsistent Triad - Mackie
    • Christians want to claim that God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevel-ent yet there appears to be a contradiction between claiming these ideas and the presence of evil and suffering in the world
    • The triad suggest:            -God is omnipotent. -God is omnibenevelent. -Evil Exists in the world
    • It is logically inconsistent for these three statements to exist simultaneously
    • If God was omnipotent he would have to power to get rid of evil
    • Also if God was omnipotent, he had the power to create a universe without evil and suffering and as it is present in the world, this calls God's characteristics into question
    • Evil is so obvious in it's effects that it cannot be denied
    • If God were omnibenevelent, he would want to help his creation and not want it to suffer
    • Therefore these statement seem to offer a contradiction


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