Events of Book 18 - The Iliad

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1. What does Achilles do to scare the Trojans away from Patroclus' body?

  • He releases a super-human scream.
  • He charges into the midst of the Trojan ranks in search of Hector.
  • He beats the ground so hard it quakes.
  • He launches a burning spear into the midst of Trojan ranks.
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2. Who tells Achilles that Patroclus has been killed?

  • Nestor
  • Thetis
  • Antilochus
  • Pandarus

3. What does Achilles do when he discovers Patroclus has been killed?

  • Beat Briseis and throw her to the ground.
  • Beat the ground and cover his face with dirt.
  • Throw his shield to the ground and weep.
  • Silently prepare the Myrmidons for a counter-battle.

4. When Hephaestus hands over the new armour he has made, what does the shield show?

  • Achilles slaying Hector, Patroclus' soul, the mountains of Olympus and the throne of Zeus.
  • Hector's corpse, a fallen Ilium, Patroclus' resurrection and the marriage of Achilles and Briseis.
  • Constellations, dancing children, pastures and cities of men.
  • Festivals of theatre, Athens, children and women milking cattle in Argos.

5. Why won't Achilles allow Patroclus to be buried?

  • He wants Agamemnon to apologise first.
  • He wants to slay Hector first.
  • Iris tells him he is dreaming and that Patroclus is alive.
  • He wants Thetis to ask Zeus to bring him back to life.


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