Events of Book 18 - The Iliad

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1. How does Thetis and her water-nymph sisters find out about Patroclus' death?

  • Antilochus summons them to the camp of Achilles to mourn with him.
  • They hear Briseis' weeping as she is thrown from the camp.
  • They hear Achilles' cries from their home under the sea.
  • They see Achilles returning to battle from their home at Olympus.
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2. What does Achilles do to scare the Trojans away from Patroclus' body?

  • He releases a super-human scream.
  • He beats the ground so hard it quakes.
  • He launches a burning spear into the midst of Trojan ranks.
  • He charges into the midst of the Trojan ranks in search of Hector.

3. When Hephaestus hands over the new armour he has made, what does the shield show?

  • Hector's corpse, a fallen Ilium, Patroclus' resurrection and the marriage of Achilles and Briseis.
  • Festivals of theatre, Athens, children and women milking cattle in Argos.
  • Constellations, dancing children, pastures and cities of men.
  • Achilles slaying Hector, Patroclus' soul, the mountains of Olympus and the throne of Zeus.

4. Who do the Trojans agree with Hector when he suggests attacking the Achaean camp, despite Achilles return to battle?

  • Athene robs the Trojans of their wits.
  • They are threatened with death if they do not agree with him.
  • They don't trust Polydamus who suggests retreating.
  • They believe that Zeus will favour them in battle.

5. Why won't Achilles allow Patroclus to be buried?

  • He wants to slay Hector first.
  • He wants Thetis to ask Zeus to bring him back to life.
  • Iris tells him he is dreaming and that Patroclus is alive.
  • He wants Agamemnon to apologise first.


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