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Homers Iliad
Book 1 ­ Plague and wrath

Muse sing the anger of Achilles
Chryses offers ransom, Agamemnon cruelly refuses
Apollo rains down arrows and plague for 9 days (Mules first)
Achilles calls an assembly, Calchas reveals Agamemnons responsibility
Agamemnon agrees to return Chryseis in exchange for Briseis
Achilles refuses…

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The offering to Athene is made in vain as "Pallas Athene shook her head"
Paris and Hector leave for battle
Book 9 ­ The embassy the Achilles

Nestor proposes an apology to Achilles should be made by Agamemnon
Pheonix, Ajax and Odysseus sent to offer gifts to Achilles : Briseis,…

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Thetis asks Hephaestus to make Achilles' new armour
Hephaestus makes the armour and shield
Book 19 ­ The fued ends
Thetis delivers Achilles' new armour
Assembly is called, Achilles says he will return to the fighting
Agamemnon blames delusion for his actions "delusion, eldest daughter of Zeus who blinds us…

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Priam goes to the Greek camp accompanied by Hermes
Achilles receives Priam and compares him to his own father
Gifts are unloaded and the body of Hector is loaded
Priam and Achilles eat together
Hermes leads Priam back during the middle of the night as he says he cannot guarantee…


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