Homers Iliad

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Homers Iliad
Book 1 ­ Plague and wrath
Muse sing the anger of Achilles
Chryses offers ransom, Agamemnon cruelly refuses
Apollo rains down arrows and plague for 9 days (Mules first)
Achilles calls an assembly, Calchas reveals Agamemnons responsibility
Agamemnon agrees to return Chryseis in exchange for Briseis
Achilles refuses to fight. He then complains to his mother
Thetis persuades Zeus to allow the Trojans to start winning
Hera gets angry over this
Hephaestus makes the gods forget about it by laughing (because he's lame)
Book 3 ­ A duel and a Trojan view of the Greeks
The armies advance for battle
Paris proposes single combat with Menelaus to end the war (winner takes Helen)
Iris (disguised as Helen's waiting woman) tells Helen about the duel
Helen goes to the wall and tells Priam different Greek heroes name
Menelaus is winning, he grabs Paris by his helmet strap and Aphrodite recues Paris and puts him
in his bedroom
Aphrodite forces Helen to sleep with Paris and stay with him
Book 4 ­ The oath is broken and the battle rejoined
Zeus wants to make peace but Hera and Athene refuse
Athene persuades Pandarus to shoot at Menelaus
Athene guides the arrow so that it only grazes Menelaus (Agamemnon loses his s**t)
Agamemnon declares the Trojans have broken the oath and battle should begin (again)
Agamemnon praises Idomeneus, Ajax, Teucer and Nestor but he rebukes Odysseus and
Diomedes because word hasn't reached them that the battle should be re-joined and they
haven't prepared their troops
Battle is restarted, Apollo and Athene urge on their respective sides
Book 6 ­ Hector and Andromache
The greeks are enjoying success. Agamemnon urges Greeks to show no mercy E.G. Menelaus
tries to spare Adrestus but Agamemnon kills him
Helenus (Priam's son) tells Hector to rally the Trojans and tell the women to make an offering to
Glaucus and Diomedes when fighting realise they have Zenia (a guest friendship) and exchange
armour but this may have been a trick as Diomedes ends up with gold armour instead of bronze
Hector goes to the Scaean gate and tells Hecabe (his mother) to pray to Athene
Hector finds Paris and tells him to fight. He also talks to Helen, she says how dishonourable Paris
Hector goes to Andromache who is holding Astyanax who is scared by Hector's plume
Hector tells Andromache he doesn't want her to suffer and be a slave to a Greek man
Andromache tells him that if he goes he will die

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The offering to Athene is made in vain as "Pallas Athene shook her head"
Paris and Hector leave for battle
Book 9 ­ The embassy the Achilles
Nestor proposes an apology to Achilles should be made by Agamemnon
Pheonix, Ajax and Odysseus sent to offer gifts to Achilles : Briseis, 7 tripods, 10 talents of gold
(only need 3 for exam)
Odysseus leaves out the fact that Agamemnon wants Achilles to submit to him ­ Achilles refuses
Pheonix tries emotional blackmail ­ Achilles still…read more

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Thetis asks Hephaestus to make Achilles' new armour
Hephaestus makes the armour and shield
Book 19 ­ The fued ends
Thetis delivers Achilles' new armour
Assembly is called, Achilles says he will return to the fighting
Agamemnon blames delusion for his actions "delusion, eldest daughter of Zeus who blinds us all"
Agamemnon's gifts are fetched
Briseis laments for Patroclus
Athene secretly feeds Achilles ambrosia and nectar
Greeks advance for battle
In a conversation with his horse Xanthus, Achilles is told he will die
Book 22…read more

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Priam goes to the Greek camp accompanied by Hermes
Achilles receives Priam and compares him to his own father
Gifts are unloaded and the body of Hector is loaded
Priam and Achilles eat together
Hermes leads Priam back during the middle of the night as he says he cannot guarantee his
safety in the morning
Hector is cremated, buried and grave mound is made
Funeral feast held in Priam's palace…read more


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