Book 23

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  • 'Book 23 contributes nothing to the Iliad'
    • Achilles' anger
      • Still raging 'dogs' will eat Hector raw, Achilles throwing anything & everything onto pyre
      • If skipped to book 24 then anger cycle would still be complete after Achilles/ Priam crying
        • Peaked (22), dragged Hector on back of chariot (no more examples needed?)
          • Achilles starts to learn  lesson
            • he & horses easily win before
              • Still hubristic
            • Aga = auto win spear throwing  prevents anger
    • Other cultural aspects (Gods & games)
      • Shows how there are strong relations between Gods and favourites, helps Odysseus to win
        • Anticipation, felt breath on back of neck, sense of how close race is.
      • Exploration of Greek culture for modern readers, Games after funeral not usual
        • Anger respite,  Achilles/army particularly harsh stabbing at Hector's body and dragging it around (22)
      • Insight,life after death, Patroclus' ghost Not allowed  underworld
    • Patroclus' reputation
      • 30by30 pyre, lament from whole army, holding of games in honour.
      • Distinguishes him from  other characters who killed many in battle Diomedes (5) Many have positive epithets too
      • Explanation as to why Achilles' returned for him as such good warrior.
        • Necessary,  before only servant role, fetched Briseis for Aga's guards (1), prepared bed for Phoenix (9)


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