Ethics and philosophy

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What is death?
The moment the physical body decays and the immortal soul continues.
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What is Imortality?
Endless life or existence; life after death
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What is a legacy?
Some people believe that immortality can be achieved through the legacy that people leave behind; a way of being remembered after death
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What is immortality through a memory?
Some people live in the memory of family and friends who probably have photographs and fond memories of the dead
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What is immortality through resurrection?
The belief that the person is raised from the dead in some form either in physical form or immortal souls could take place in afterdeath
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What do Christians believe about resurrection?
Individuals are raised from the dead and judged by god at death and they go either to heaven or to hell. some people believe that this happens on judgement day.
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What is reincarnation?
Being born again in another form
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What do Hindus believe about resurrection?
They believe that the soul is eternal. people who live in the right way according to their faith achieve good karma. if people disagree with this then they build up bad karma. this will influence events in the next life and weather they are reborn
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What is rebirth?
Being born again after death
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What are ghosts?
Ghosts are genuin manifestations of dead people
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What is chanelling?
Communicatind with the dead through a medium
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How is near death experiences proof of life after death?
Because when a person has experienced a NDE they all remember very similar things of going through a tunnle and feeling uforic, this often proves to people that this is proof of afterlife
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What is a problem with the evidence of NDE's?
The expirience could be a result of oxygen starvation which will cause hallucinations. Also the people who expirience these NDE's on the operating table often are on a lot of drugs to keep them under
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What is an arguments against immortality?
evolution : scientists believe that life forms have changed over time, developing from simple to complex creatures
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What is materialism?
The belief that our minds are inseparable from our bodies
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What is Dualism?
The idea that humans have two basic natures, the physical and the spiritual
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What is Imortality?


Endless life or existence; life after death

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What is a legacy?


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What is immortality through a memory?


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