Ethical Theories


Philosophy- Theories about reality. Ways of looking at life and trying to make sense of our world and life. Literally means 'Love of wisdom'

Theology- The study of God. Trying to understand God and how God affects our lives.

Ethics- Trying to decide what is right and wrong.

The Sancity of life doctrine - This is a christian belief about the value of life. (jewish and muslims also would agree with this belief. Life is sacred(holy). Life is god given; life should not be destroyed; god has a plan for every life; life is precious and all life deservs respect. It is the doctrine ( teachings) that god creates human life. This is based on sacred texts such as that in Genisis chapter 1: 26,27 where it says God made humans in god's image. Therefore, all life is sacred and it should be respected.

Relativism/ situation ethics- What is right and wrong depends upon the situation. An action normally deemed wrong in a certain situation could be right. For example, it is wrong to kill, but if a…


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