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  • Philosophy
    • Epistemology
      • Theory of knowledge
    • Metaphysics
      • Theory of reality and being
    • Ethics
      • theory of right and wrong
    • Logic
      • Method of argument
    • Aesthetics
      • Theory of beauty and art
    • Descartes
      • Doubted his senses as they deceive us
      • I think therefore I am
      • Believed if he is thinking he existed
      • Nothing is real
      • Dream = you could be in a dream
      • Someone controlling everything you do
    • Plato
      • The cave
        • Cave = fake world
        • Prisoners = normal people accepting the world as it is
        • Shadows= things the prisoners see and hear experiences like real life
        • Puppeteers= media giving us things they want us to know
        • escaped prisoners= people that seek knowledge outside the cave philosophers
        • The cave is showing how the world may be controlled by a master
    • Truman
      • Lived in a ‘world’ controlled by the director of the film
      • Certain things happen to make him doubt his life
        • 1. Light falling.     2. Adverts. .   3. Water only on him.           4. Things are on a loop.       5. Radio describes him.     6. Wife had fingers crossed in marriage.             7.sees backsatage
    • Love of wisdom


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