ethics and philosophy

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name the three ways we prove that things exist:
1)personal experience-"i have seen it so i know it exists. 2)reliable evidence. 3)useing a chain of reasoning to reach a conclucion (logic)
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what is an athiest?
someone who doesnt believe in god.
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whats a thiest?
someone who is certain that god exists.
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whats an agonstic?
believes that any evidence produced be thiests does not prove the existence of god one way or another. they believe that it cannot be known wheter or not god exists.
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whats the first cause argument
1)everything that exists was caused to exist 2)the universe exists so it must have a cause 3)there had to be something eternal(without begining or end)that was not caused by anything 4)the eternal first cause is god 5)therefore god exists
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who is seen as responsible for the first cause argument?
st thomas aquainas
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whats the design argument?
1) the universe is too ordered and complicated to have come about by coinidence 2)it must have been designed 3)a design needs a designer 4)the designer of the universe is god
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william paleys design argument:
William Payley was a 18th century philosopher.he argued that, 1)if we found a watch 2)even if we did not know its function we would know there is evidence of design as the parts have been put together on purpose 3)he thought god was the designer
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whats the problem with the first cause argument?
it depends on the universe having a beginning and its possible the universe is infinite. and even then we cant prove that god created it.
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whats the big bang theory?
the beginnings of the universe according to many scientists took place when a singularity exploded and from this explosion all the matter that makes the universe came into being.
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whats the problem with the design argument?
it depends on the belief that everything in the world is designed,and the designer is god.even if the world is designed we cant proove that god is the dessigner.
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what is an athiest?


someone who doesnt believe in god.

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whats a thiest?


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whats an agonstic?


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whats the first cause argument


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