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2. What is the form of a text?

  • The structure and shape.
  • The main/recurring ideas within a text.
  • Background information linking to the text.
  • What the text actually is about.

3. What is a superlative?

  • A command shown within a sentence.
  • One adjective relating to another and usually ending in '-ier'.
  • Adjectives that are presented in the most extreme value and usually ending with '-est'.
  • A word showing a mental process.

4. What is a hypophora?

  • An answer immediately following a rhetorical question.
  • Informal language.
  • Over-exaggeration of something.
  • A word which could have different multiple meanings.

5. What is it called when the weather or environment reflects emotions?

  • Juxtaposition.
  • Homeric Simile.
  • Pathetic Fallacy.
  • Homonym.


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