English Terminology

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1. What is an adjacency pair?

  • Two words that are spelt different, yet sound exactly the same.
  • When two speakers say the same thing at the same time.
  • A response which depends on and results from the previous utterance.
  • An organised and co-ordinated manner in the way in which the speakers speak.
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2. What is the form of a text?

  • The structure and shape.
  • Background information linking to the text.
  • What the text actually is about.
  • The main/recurring ideas within a text.

3. Intonation, stress and pitch are examples of what features?

  • Phonological features.
  • Prosodic features.
  • Paralinguistic features.

4. What is the difference between intonation and pitch?

  • Intonation is the variance in the speaker's voice and pitch refers to the actual tone.
  • Pitch refers to the general variance in the speaker's voice and intonation refers to the actual tone.
  • Intonation refers to the actual sound of the word.

5. What is rhetoric?

  • Persuasive language.
  • Contrasting language.
  • A question requiring an answer.
  • A question which compels the reader to consider the answer.


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