English Terminology Quiz Part 2 (Verbs and Pronouns)

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1. the helping verb – the little one which helps form the precise tense – such as “have” “was” or “did”

  • Modal Verb
  • Non-finite Verb
  • Auxiliary Verb
  • Stative Verb
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2. a pronoun such as “his” or “her/s” or “our/s” or “their/s” which denotes possession

  • Indefinite Pronoun
  • Demonstrative Pronoun
  • Possessive Pronoun
  • Reflexive Pronoun

3. a word, or phrase, usually a pronoun such as “it”, or “he” or “that” which refers forward in the text to a noun which has yet to be included

  • Cataphoric Reference
  • Anaphoric Reference
  • Deictic Term
  • Finite Verb

4. the –ed form of the verb – e.g. “ran”, “played”, “went”

  • Past tense
  • Past Participle
  • Present tense
  • Present Participle

5. the main meaning part of the verb phrase – which would be “killed” in the verb phrase “should have killed”

  • Active Voice
  • Auxiliary Verb
  • Lexical Verb
  • Stative Verbs


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