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What is Lexis?
Word choice.
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What is Syntax?
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What is Phonology?
Is the study of sound in language.
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What is Semantics?
Focuses on meanings.
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What is Pragmatics?
Language in action.
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What is a Phoneme?
A unit of sound.
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What is Phonetics?
Language as a series of sounds.
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What does IPA stand for?
International Phonetic Alphabet.
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What are Dipthongs?
Are extended vowels (long vowels) where the tongue moves from one place to another during the process of articulation.
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What are Plosives?
A small explosion in the mouth, uses the lips and cannot be extended. Examples include bat, goat and dog.
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What are Fricatives?
Are sounds that are created by the slow and controlled release of air through the mouth, creating friction. Examples include thick, dizzy and buzz.
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Why can humans speak and not animals?
Humans and animals both have the gene FoxP2 but humans have the mutated gene that allows us to form language.
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What is Phonemic Expansion?
Early development which allows the child to increase the variety of sounds.
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What is Phonemic Contraction?
They then reduce the sounds to those they need for their own language.
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