England in a New Century

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Boer War. Election won by Conservatives under Salisbury.
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Taff Vale Railway Dispute.
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Salisbury retires. Balfour takes over as PM. Education Act.
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Chamberlain launches Tariff Reform League.
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Balfour = undecided on Tariff Reform, resigns and calls election for January.
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Landslide Liberal election victory - 400 to Tory 150 (approx.). Landsdowne-Balfour pact over use of veto in HofL. Chinese Slavery Scandal in South Africa.
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Lloyd George launches People's Budget which is rejected by HofL (first time in 200 years).
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1910 (January)
January: Liberals win GE but lose massive majority. HofL accepts PB but Asquith now wants to challenge power of veto and proposes Parliament Bill.
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1910 (December)
Liberals still in power but dependent on Irish Nationalists. Agree to 3rd Home Bill if Parliament Bill passed.
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HofL = bitterly divided on Parliament Bill but finally sgree under pressure of Liberal peers swamping HofL.
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3rd Home Rule Bill which HofL delay. Edward Carson, Andrew Bonar Law and Lord Landsdowne threaten "any means necessary to resist Home Rule for Ulster. Solemn League & Covenant. UVF established.
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Irish Volunteer Force set up. HofL keep delaying 3rd Home Rule asking for Ulster exemption. Asquith prefers to "wait and see" rather than deal with looming crisis.
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1914 (March/April)
Curragh Mutiny, UVF Gun Running.
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1914 (July)
Buckingham Palace talks on Ireland fail. Civil War imminent but averted by WW1.
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Shell Scandal/Galipoli failure. Coalition with Liberals = Tories and Labour under Asquith. Lloyd George made Minister of Munitions.
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Easter Rising.
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1916 (December)
Struggle between Asquith and Lloyd George. EC, ABL and Arthur Henderson support LG as War Leader and small committee to run war. Asquith resists but eventually resigns as the others threaten to leave coalition. LG becomes PM and Liberals split.
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Labour leaves coalition.
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War = over. LG = hugely popular. Coalition continues in Coupon Election. 500+ seats for coalition. Sinn Fein win 78 seats and replace Irish Nationalist Party. Separate government set upnin Dublin - Dáli Éireann.
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Reconstruction of GB - 'land fit for heroes'. Cost of war = high unemployment and economic problems. IRA fights War of Independence against GB.
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LG caught up in Honours Scandal, Chanak crisis and affairs. Sinn Fein split on deal with LG on partition of Ireland. Irish Civil War.
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1922 (October)
Tories vote to remove LG as PM and end coalition. Irish Civil War ends and Northern Ireland is separated from rest of Ireland. Eamon DeValera becomes Irish PM.
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Stanley Baldwin becomes PM but Tories = split on Tariff Reform again.
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New election - Tories = largest party but no majority so Labour forms a minority government lasting 9 months. Baldwin voted back into power with majority.
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Taff Vale Railway Dispute.



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Salisbury retires. Balfour takes over as PM. Education Act.


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Chamberlain launches Tariff Reform League.


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Balfour = undecided on Tariff Reform, resigns and calls election for January.


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