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2. What is one positive affect of Boris Bikes

  • Boris has stopped bugging people
  • cycling is up by 43%
  • there has been only one alien invasions since the boris bike scheme was introduced
  • cycling has reduced by 39%

3. where is Rizhao

  • It is a coastal city in cornwall
  • it is a costal city in India
  • it is a costal city in Northern China
  • It is a city in Japan

4. what is the aim of OPEC

  • make sure that the member states get as much money as possible
  • give away free oil to those who are in need
  • to secure a steady income for member states and provide a secure supply of oil to consumers
  • be a bit of a bum

5. what other affects has this had on Rizhao

  • there has been a decrease in Tv sales
  • there has been a 40-60% rise in tourism
  • there has been an increase in dancing
  • there has been an increase in the birth rate


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