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Case study: opportunities gas
shale fracking, USA
AS Geography, unit 2 energy OCR…read more

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Economic benefits
· Produced $6billion worth of shale gas
· Increased number of those employed in production
and delivery activities
· Trade balance of energy between USA and other
countries - reduced imports by 25%, increasing GDP
· 2009- 67% employment rise due to fracking…read more

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Economic benefits
· Shale gas used to power stations to generate
electricity reducing electricity prices
· Land prices increase- local economies benefit
· Shale gas benefited economy by %79 billion in 2011…read more

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Environmental benefits
· Produces half the emissions of coal and oil- more
environmentally friendly
· USA needs alternative, cheap fuel sources that are
better for the environment i.e. Shale gas
· Shale gas is between low carbon technologies and coal
production- doesn't pollute as much as coal but is
more available than renewable energy sources…read more


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