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What are the three main functions of education according to Parsons?
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What is the difference between setting and streaming?
Setting is subject specific whereas streaming is across all subjects
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"WC parents have lower aspirations for their children" said by?
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How does Giroux criticise the Marxist perspective? (3 ways)
W/C are not passive
Schools are sites of ideological struggle
Education system has relative automony
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Alternative name for Neo-Liberals?
New Right
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3 main charactersitics of an anti-school subculture
Not conformity to school rules
negative attitude towards teachers
Low Achievement
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2 external factors leading to difference in educational achievement
Material Deprivation
Cultural Deprivation
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Correspondence principle - who is associated with this ideology?
Bowels and Gintis
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What are the 5 male subculutres accoridng to mac an Ghalil
Academic achievers
macho lads
new enterprises
real englishmen
gay stidemts
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what governemnt policy introduced the national curriculum
1988 education refrom act
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Two internal factors influencing subject choice?
Gendered subject image
Peer pressure
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which perspective suggests the gov should make more oppurtunites for society be more equal and meritocratic?
Social democratic perspective
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what was the purpose of the new labour policy
- new deal for young pupils?
To prevent young people from joining the ranks of unemployment after leaving school
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four internal factors affecting differential educational achievement:
Labelling, SFP, Streaming, Subcultures
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Which reporter felt socio-economic facotrs were the main facors of underachievement in afro-carribean students?
Swan Report
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What phrase does Althusser use for institutions such as education?
Ideological State Apparatus
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Who argues education doesn't 'sift and sort' but leads to cultrual reproduction?
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WHo suggests there needs to be a greater focus on vocatioanl education so students are more prepared for work?
The New right
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Term used to refer to parents having more chocie over which school to send their children to?
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Educational Triage?
Rationing of education resources, with extra resources being aimed at those on the C/D borderline
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Who argues the ethnocentric curriculum is evidence of institutional racism in education?
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What 2 external factors are suggested to explain underachievement of boys?
Lack of literacy skills
crisis of masculinity
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4 main ways of grouping students in schools?
Mixed ability
Class groups
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What did bourdieu mean by cultural capital?
Middle class langauage, values and skills rewarded by the education system
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Examples of material deprivation that affect educational achievement
Lack of resources
poor diet
crowded living
inability to afford tutors
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who studied girls aspirations in the 70's and 90's to find there had been shifts in priorities?
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What are the 4 afro-carribean subcultures outlined in sewell's study?
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Parsons and Particularistic values
Ways that a child is treated at home as an individual
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Who looked at anti-school subcultures in boys called 'learning to labour'
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What is the correspondence principal?
Education mirrors the world of work numerous ways
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What is the self fulfilling prophecy?
Student living up to the label the teacher gives them
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Material deprivation?
inablity to access basic necessities to aid academic success such as revision materials and a place to study
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4 ways sugarman suggested WC students are socialised to prevent academic success?
Immediate gratification
Present time orientation
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3 elements to the tripartite system?
Grammar school
Secondary modern
Technical school
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Bernstein and elaborate code
Longer more complicated sentences which make meaning explicit
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What is GIST?
Girls in science and technology - encouraging girls into more traditional male subjects (gov policy)
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What is the halo effect?
Pupil sterotyping from first impression as being good/bad or thick/bright
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Who suggested education sifts and sorts people into appropriate roles in society?
Davis and Moore
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Ways school reflects the world of work?
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Who says cultural deprivation is victim blaming (critique)
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Examples of how schools are becoming more customised?
Faith schools
free schools
specialised schools
virtual schools
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How do radical feminists want to see education system to be strutured?
Single sex schools
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What is CTC?
City technical college
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What is cultural deprivation?
Pupils denied cultural experiences necessary to do well at school
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Bernstein and restricted code
Short hand speech where meaning is not explicit but implied
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JWB Douglas's study - which class are deprived of parental support?
Working class
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What does Durkheim say the main role of education is?
Teachign norms and values to help create social cohesion
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Who found teachers tend to racialize expectations of pupils?
Gillbourn and Youdell
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Compensatory education?
Policies giving WC and ethnic minority students extra help in order to make up for poor socialisation
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Mertiocratic education?
Education systems that ensure people are given the right jobs and reward for working hard
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Who argues marketisation was a good way to improve school standards?
Chubb and Moe
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Vocational education?
Courses linked to jobs and careers
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Which perspectve believes the way a teacher interacts with a pupils affects the pupils education?
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Hidden curriculum?
Untaught lessons such as punctuality and team work - informal learning process
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Which perspective suggests education has moved from one size fist sall to a more diverse system that reflects the changing economy?
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What is meant by internal factors in educational achievement?
Factors relating to what is happening within the educational system
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Who argued black boys underachieve due to lack of male role models at home?
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4 external factors attempting to explain gender gap in education?
Changing priorities
Changes in the family
Changes in employment
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What is meant by ascribed status?
Status given to someone on the basis of birth, biology or family
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What is meritocracy?
Achievement based on hard work, talent and perseverance.
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What is the difference between setting and streaming?


Setting is subject specific whereas streaming is across all subjects

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"WC parents have lower aspirations for their children" said by?


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How does Giroux criticise the Marxist perspective? (3 ways)


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Alternative name for Neo-Liberals?


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