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Self fulfilling prophecy
A given label to someone who lives up to it
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Becker (1973) Labelling theory
How self identity and behaviour of an individual are influenced by others in society
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An example of sociologists who investigated Teacher Labelling
Rosenthal and Jacobson (1968)
Becker (1971) Chicago schools
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Master Status
A label that is given to an individual which over time they internalise
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Negative Master status
When a pupil internalises a negative label about themselves.
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Who created the American Kindergarten Study (1970)?
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Cultural Capital
Non-financial social assets that promote social mobility beyond economic means. example: experiences, attitudes, values and language
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Educational capital
Having the educational skills to be more equipped to meet the demands of school and the workplace
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Economic capital
Financial means which allow advantages in school for example access to tutors and textbooks
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Who created the types of Capital theory
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What is the Educational Triage?
Where the school splits the pupils into three groups: Safe, Under-achievers and the without hope. This shows where to allocate their time and resources.
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A group of people within a culture that differentiates itself from the parent culture to which it belongs.
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Ideal pupil
White m/c girl
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Pro-school subculture
Pupils who adhere to school values (m/c girls)
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Anti-school subculture
Pupils who do not adhere to school values and gain status other ways (w/c boys)
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Symbolic Habitus
similar norms and values
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Bourdieu: Symbolic violence
The withholding of symbolic capital equates to symbolic violence
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Archer's study on Class identities detailed...
w/c pupils felt to be educationally successful they would have to change how they talked and presented themselves. They also felt unable to access 'idle-class spaces' such as Universities.
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Nike identities
Investing heavily into 'styles' especially through consuming branded clothing to gain status. A follow on of Symbolic violence and Brandalism.
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A less rigid form of streaming. Each band contains two or more classes.
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Pupils are placed in a class on the basis of their general ability.
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Pupils are placed in the class on the basis of their attainment in particular subjects.
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Cream skimming
taking the best students
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Silt shifting
Getting rid of the worst performing students
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Language Codes (Bernstein)
Elaborated codes- used in school and exams often equip by the m/c
Restricted codes- more limited and often equip by the w/c
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Material deprivation statistic
In 2006, 33% of students on free-school meals left school with five or more gcse's compared to the 61% without free-school meals.
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Parental Attitudes
Douglas (1964) found that w/c parents put less value onto education and gave them less encouragement and interest into their education.
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Impact of Feminism
Allowed for changed ambitions to focus on different options rather than just housewife, (link to the 1988 National curriculum)
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McRobbie (1994)
1970s magazines emphasised on getting married and in 1994 magazines focused on images of assertive independent women.
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Sharpe (1994) Changing ambitions
Girl's priorities in the 1970s: love, marriage, husbands, children, then careers.
Girls priorities in the 1990s: careers and jobs much higher on the list.
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Policies which aim to encourage girls to pursue careers in the 'non-traditional' areas such as STEM.
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Gorad (2006) Coursework
Found that the Gender gap in education was fairly consistent in the years 1975-1989 ( '75 was the year when coursework was introduced) when it increased sharply.
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"Girls are more successful at coursework as they are more conscientious and organised"
Mitos and Browne (1998)
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Examples of Teacher Attention
Teachers interact differently with boys and girls.

French (1993)- found that teachers interacted with boys more because they attracted more reprimands,
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Give two examples of Gendered Career opportunities
Women- nursing, childcare and clerical jobs.
Men- Manual labour and Business based careers.
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Gender role socialisation
Children are socialised into different roles from an early age. Girls playing with dolls, to develop mothering skills and Boys playing sports to develop physical skills.
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"White working class boys are the worst performers out of all the ethnicities"
Hastings (2006)- White pupils are making less progress between the ages 11-16 than any other ethnicity.
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Labelling and Teacher Racism
Teachers often view Black and Asian pupils as being the furthest from the 'ideal pupil'.
for example- teachers view Black pupils as disruptive and Asian pupils as passive. This negative treatment may lead to the pupil to be disadvantaged as they are treat
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Jane Elliot (1968) Brown eyes Blue eyes experiment explained...
Brown eyes > Blue eyes
Within 15 minutes the people with the Brown eyes turned Racist towards the people with the Blue eyes.
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Gillborn and Youdell (2000)- Black pupils and discipline
Found that Teachers were quicker to respond to discipline black pupils than others for the same behaviour. They argue that this is the result of teachers 'racialized expectations'.
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Wright (1992)- Asian pupils
Victims of teachers negative labelling/ racism due to teachers Ethnocentric views.
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'English as an Additional Language'
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Pathologized pupil Identity
An Asian pupil who is a 'deserving poor feminised identity either asexual or with an oppressed sexuality. The pupil is seen as plodding or conformist and a culture bound over-achiever.'
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Demonised pupil Identity
'A black or white w/c hypersexualised identity, seen as unintelligent, peer-led and a culturally deprived underachiever'
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Self Refuting prophecy
Where the pupil does not accept the negative label but challenges them
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Who discusses the Self Refuting prophecy?
Fuller (1984)
Mac and Ghalli
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Ethnocentric curriculum
Where the curriculum focuses around White European culture.
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Becker (1973) Labelling theory


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