Edexcel I.T: Computers

Continuation of Chapter 1 of textbook

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1. Which of the following describes a netbook?

  • Designed mainly for wireless communication via email, messaging and access to the Internet
  • Contains an address book, note making features, telephone and internet facilities. Allows data exchange.
  • Plays music and contains games. Can only access internet through WiFi.
  • A portable computer designed to fit on the lap which carries out the same functions as a desktop computer.
  • Similar to a laptop but even more compact, the name comes from its smaller size.
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2. Which feature of a computer is used to run the programs that are open on the computer?

  • Hard Drive
  • Wireless Features
  • Optical Drive
  • RAM (Memory)
  • Processor (CPU)

3. Which feature of a computer allows you to install software, listen to music and watch films?

  • RAM (Memory)
  • Optical Drive
  • Sound Card/Graphics Card
  • Processor (CPU)
  • USB Connection

4. A cabled network is more reliable than a wireless network because there is little interference from other household devices?

  • True
  • False

5. Which of the following is a description of output devices?

  • Allow you to view or hear the information after it has been processed.
  • Take new information and put it into the computer ready for the computer to process
  • Allow you to store data so that it can be accessed by the computer.


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