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1 Terabyte (TB) is equal to
1000 Gigabytes
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Benefits of flash memory are
it doesn't lose data when turned off, has no moving parts and data can be transfered
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connection types
wired-USB, ethinet cable, firewire Wireless-bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infra red
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network interface card, needed for an internet connection
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Internet service provider, oftern supply a router and modem
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Cloud computing allows you to
store data on a remote server to be accessed from various devices
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Health risks of didgital devises and hot to stop them
Eye strain-take brakes, screen filter RSI- take brakes, Back problems- ajustable seats
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Digital zoom
crops and enlarges images, reduces quality
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Optical zoom
moves the lens closer to the subject, no effect on quality
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a signal from three or more satellites is used to tringulate your location
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Your location, the exact longitude and latitude, is recorded as a small text file with your photo
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high tech treasue hunt using GPS to find containers or geocaches
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Downloading vs Streaming
Downloading-can view anytime, quality not depdant on connection Streaming- faster, less storage used
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Digital living network alliance, devices are compatible
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Smart TVs
can stream from the internet or use cloud computing
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connects devices to the modem by giving them an internal IP adress
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Wired vs Wireless network
Wired- faster, more secure, no interference Wireless-only need a router, cheaper, access from anywhere in the house
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Securing wireless networks
change the admin password, set up an encryption, set up MAC, hide the router, turn off the router when not in use
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bandwidth and latnecy
bandwidth-number of bits that go through the netowrk per seconf Latency-delay between bits arriving and leaving a device, High bandwidth and low latency is best
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WiFi vs Mobile broadband (3G, 4G)
WiFi-need a wireless access point, ok range, widely available, hackers can set up open hotspots to steal info Mobile broadband- more coverage, more secure, roaming charges, limited download, lower bandwidth
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Peer to peer networks
digital devices communicate wirelessly without a transmitter, Examples are bluetooth and WiFi direct
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WiFi direct vs bluetooth
WiFi direct has a higher bandwidth and lower latency than bluetooth
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Voice over internet protocol- transmitting audio messages over the internet
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used for sending and receiving emails
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Email is sent from the email client to the email server then the recipient's server
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Email is read then downloaded by the server to the computer then deleted from the server, can be read offline
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Email is read by the server but not deleted, can be accessed from any device with an internet connection
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when you type a web address, your browser uses HTTP to ask the web server to send the files needed to load the page
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sending secure info, browser check site's certificate then the web server and browser decide on encryptions that they can understand next the browser and server send encryption codes finally the server and browser communicate
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Digital certificate
if you double click the green padlock you can view a site's certificate, they are issued from companies like Norton and identify the website but can be faked
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Network risks
security- remote access, intercpting data, illegal access can be stopped by up to date firewalls, encryption and a strong password, Physical- theft, physical access, can be stopped by security doors and locks, CCTV, alarms
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The internet
Huge network that links networks of digital devices, communicate with the same protocol, need a (NIC) and (ISP)
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World Wide Web
A service on the internet, uses HTTP to allow users to access interlinked hypertext documents (web pages)
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Security messures
security questions- enter a personel question, Captcha- checks for bots and stop spam
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fake emails that request personel info, to spot them look for spelling, threats, impersnal greetings, a bad e-mail, a request for info or call your bank
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Data protection act (1998) companies
companies holding data must- keep i secure, only obtain necessary info, not keep it for longer than needed, keep it accurate, use it for the specified purpose
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Date protection act (1998) users
Users have the right to- check the data held, demand data is correct, demand your data is not used for direct marketing
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Computer misuse act (1990)
lists hree levels of crime- Unauthorised access to material, unauthorised modification of material, unauthorised computer access
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Copyright, Designs and Patents act
protects original work, only the creator has the right to reproduce, adapt or sell it, braking the act can cuase prosecution, restriction or imprisionment
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Online auction
Create account, seller supplies description, highest bid wins, winner must buy the item, seller and bidder exchange email to arrange payment
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Transactional data
Uses cookies, collects info on viewed pages, purchase price, purchased product, used for understanding customer needs (market research) target marketing
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Credit/ debit cards
Online payments ask for- card number, expiry date, CCV, cardholder name
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Third party payment
Buyers bank to third party payment to sellers bank
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Consumer rights
The item must be- of satisfactory quality,fit for purpose, be as described
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Search techniques
More key words to narrow down the search, type of object eg maps, advanced search like date, search by location, more than one search engine
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Data protection act
Protects against misuse of personal data
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Computer misuse act
Covers the misuse of computer equipment and illegal access to files
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Copyright designs and patents act
Illegal to copy or steal other peoples work
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Digital economy act
Stops illegal download of media
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Digital divide
Gap between people who do and don't have access to digital technology
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Issues- E waste, pollution, finite resources Solutions-Recycle, reduce impact, renewable energy
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Benefits of flash memory are


it doesn't lose data when turned off, has no moving parts and data can be transfered

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