Edexcel ICT Revision GCSE Exam revision for Chapter 2

A powerpoint highlighting the key points of chapter 2 for Edexcel GCSE. I prefer my notes on a powerpoint and though I might as well put it on here for the use of others. Hope it helps :) I have used the Edexcel book as the main resource, however I have picked bits out and interpretted information

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ICT Revision- Chapter 2
Stephanie Smith…read more

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Planning a trip
Before making a booking:
Carry out as much research as possible
Read customer reviews and traveller blogs…read more

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Schools and Biometric
Used in many schools
Identify students when buying meals
Pupil's fingerprints are scanned into system
Sensor then reads them when food is brought and
compares them with those stored…read more

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Biometric- an automated method which is used to
recognise a person. This is based on physical
Features that are measured include- face,
fingerprints, hand geometry, iris and voice…read more

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· Passports contain a microchip
· This chip is an RFID (Radio Frequency
Identification) chip
This stores the user's photograph and all their
personal info.
They were introduced to increase security
At the airport:
· At passport control:
The access code is scanned which holds all the
personal information
The reader- communicates with the chip and the
customs official can view the stored image
Face- automatically recognised by biometric software…read more

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What does the microchip do?
· It is a miniature electronic circuit
· It is used to control computers and most other
electronic devices…read more

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