GCSE Drama - Section B

GCSE Drama - How to pass section B.


GCSE Drama - How to Pass Section B

Question 1:

Introduce the play - 2 lines - who wrote it, when was it written, set details.

Introduce the scene - 2 lines

Introduce the characters - 2 Lines

5 moments where you will tell the story of that moment in the scene and go on and specifically describe how + why you did what you did.

- Quotes from the text.

- Justification.

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megan smith


what is justification?

Louise Fox


ashleigh evans wrote:

what is justification?

Justification is where you need to justify what you said in a previous section with more detail or reasons why, eg. Mickey is wearing torn clothes, he is wearing torn clothers because he is from working class background living in  a rough area in liverpool.

Hope that helped :)

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